Episode 1 Transcript

The Purrsonality of Neebs the Nibbler

Sarah: (00:06)
Hello, everyone. Welcome to Purrsonalities. I’m so glad that you’ve tuned in to listen today. This is a podcast for all cat lovers and all people lovers, mostly because you can get to know a lot about someone through their pets. Our cats are a part of our daily lives, our families, and they give us so many stories. So let’s share them. First off, I’m your host. My name is Sarah. I have three cats that I could talk about for days. They are sweet and hilarious and can be very naughty, but we’ll save that for some other time. Every week, we’ll hear from someone about their cats, sweet stories, funny stories, what our furry friends mean to us, how they came into our lives. Basically anything that the callers feel like sharing. We’re gonna hear it. Today’s cat lover tells us about a foster that turned into a member of the family, something I’m sure plenty of us have gone through. So let’s

Neebs’ Owner: (01:04)
Hi, I have a cat. His name is Neebs. He is my third cat. We got him two years ago from the shelter. The way we got him is, uh, I was fostering him at first, only…it was only for a couple of month. And, uh, somebody after two months wanted to adopt him at first, I did not want him. My husband wanted to keep him. I did not want Neebs because I had two cats before him and they passed away. So I didn’t wanna have another cat and go through everything my other cats went through. But, uh, so we kept him and I’m happy that we did. When he, we first got him. He used to bite me like not big bites, like nibs. He used to nib on me, little bite. If I’m in the kitchen, if I’m doing the dishes, he used to come and give me tiny bites. If I’m sitting on the sofa, he used to come and sit next to me, bite me. Um, especially if he wanted something and I’m not giving him any attention. And he, he will bite me. He’s a funny cat. And, uh, when I pet him, he lays down on his back and, uh, he does like his arm, his arms out. He’s like a plane. He likes me to rub him under his armpits and scratch his tummy.

Neebs’ Owner: (02:34)
Oh, there he is. Now, can you hear him? He’s meowing. He wants to come and sit with us. He’s with me all the time. And he likes to play with his toys. I have some small Teddy bears. He likes one of them. It’s a blue Teddy bear. He takes it with him from the bedroom all the way downstairs to the kitchen. He holds it in his mouth and he takes it downstairs in the morning. At night, he, he brings it upstairs and he has a tail that he likes to play with too. He does the same thing. He carries it from the top level to the bottom level. And from the bottom level to upstairs, he likes to play with, uh, with these two toys. And one day I was, uh, uh, working in my, um, uh, in my room. And, uh, my daughter has a big caterpillar, a toy caterpillar on her bed. And, uh, I didn’t pay attention to what he was doing. And, uh, I finished working and I went downstairs and I saw the caterpillar on the floor. It’s a huge caterpillar. It’s very long. He dragged the caterpillar from upstairs. The second level to the living room downstairs. I could not believe it.

Sarah: (04:12)
So you mentioned that first, you didn’t wanna keep him. So what was the moment where you decided, okay, I really like this cat and now he’s my baby.

Neebs’ Owner: (04:22)
I mean, I liked him when my son brought him over, but I did not wanna show him that because in my mind, I thought we’re gonna give him back because we were fostering him only because of the pandemic. And I, I mean, I liked him, but I didn’t wanna show my kids that I liked him.

Sarah: (04:42)
So then how did you start playing with him and because how did he win over your heart?

Neebs’ Owner: (04:46)
Every time I was working, he used to come and jump and sit, sit on my lap. And, uh, he used to follow me around and stay with me all the time. So that’s how we kept him. You know, I started liking him. He’s a, he’s a good cat. He listens to me. He likes to sleep next to me. And I think one of the things maybe that I kept him is because I have two kids and my kids left the house and not living with us anymore. So I had a lot of love. I needed to give it to somebody. And that was him

Sarah: (05:20)
And Neebs asks for more and more. It’s not enough.

Neebs’ Owner: (05:22)
Neebs, he’s very demanding. He thinks I’m his mom. He thinks he owns me. So he’s like a child at home. So I treat him like my baby, one of my children. So maybe that was one of the things that was behind the reason of me saying, okay. And keeping him at home, I needed to give love to somebody. And my kids didn’t want my love anymore. and one of the things I didn’t wanna keep him, he was a black cat. My other two cats. One was like blonde. The other one was like stripe like he had like stripes, brown, stripes, brown, and a little bit of black. I, I always, in my mind, a black cat is like a scary cat, but he does not. He’s a very good cat. So now I love black cats.

Sarah: (06:15)
You don’t think he brings bad luck into the house?

Neebs’ Owner: (06:17)
Not anymore. No. No,

Sarah: (06:19)
No. What about now? It’s Halloween. You think he’s celebrating this Month?

Neebs’ Owner: (06:23)
I never thought about it. You reminded me. I didn’t think that he should celebrate. Yeah. Halloween because he’s a black cat and I don’t never thought about it. You gotta get him some costumes. Yeah. I’ll, I’ll go somewhere and get him something.

Speaker 3: (06:37)
What are some ways you play with Neebs? How does he like to play with you?

Neebs’ Owner: (06:41)
Oh, mostly he likes me to rub him and play with him and, uh, I get some yarn and I tie a toy to the yarn and I play with him and he loves that. He jumps and he hits it and he follows me around with it. Yea. He runs or he does weird stuff at night. I don’t know what gets into him after I feed him at night and it’s time to go to bed. He starts running from the kitchen to the living room, running around the house for no reason.

Speaker 3: (07:10)
And then when did, when, when does he go back to sleep?

Neebs’ Owner: (07:14)
Uh, when I go to sleep, he goes up me, but he doesn’t come immediately and sleeps with me. He stays on the rug and while I’m sleeping, he jumps on the bed and I can feel, he sleeps next to me, has to touch my body.

Sarah: (07:29)
He has to show, that affection?

Neebs’ Owner: (07:30)
Yes, this is how he sleeps. And in the morning when I wake up and get ready for work, he stays with me in the bathroom all the time, while getting ready to go to work.

Sarah: (07:40)
And then when you come home?

Neebs’ Owner: (07:41)
Oh, he’s waiting by the door. He, uh, um, scratches the door and, uh, he moves the curtain so he can see me and I open the door and he’s, uh, next to me. And he runs to the kitchen because he’s very hungry. he loves to eat. Yeah. One funny thing that he did, uh, um, one day my husband was giving me a hug and Neebs came into, uh, the kitchen and he stood between me and my husband. It’s like him telling my husband she’s mine do not touch her. He’s very funny. And he likes to go into my, uh, dad’s room and, uh, sit on the bed and take a nap while my dad is watching TV and just sleeping on his bed for no reason.

Sarah: (08:30)
Yeah. He likes, he likes old men.

Neebs’ Owner: (08:31)
Yeah. He likes my dad a lot. He doesn’t hurt. I mean, scratch him or anything. He just sit, uh, sits there and takes a nap on his bed.

That’s nice. You think he’s just more gentle with…

Neebs’ Owner: (08:42)
Yeah, I think so. I think so. He knows.

Sarah: (08:44)
That’s nice.

That my dad is an old man. He doesn’t, you know, bother him and he goes and hides under his bed. So my dad won’t, you know, try to get him out of the room. he doesn’t let my, my dad would be in the bathroom and he goes into my dad’s room and hide under the bed and sleeps under the bed for half the day. And my dad wouldn’t know that he’s in there.

Sarah: (09:08)
Do you think your dad enjoyed the company?

Neebs’ Owner: (09:11)
My dad enjoyed his company a lot. Even if he, I mean, doesn’t talk to him, but he’s another, you know, body in the house, you know, because my dad would be alone. Yeah. My dad likes him a lot.

Sarah: (09:24)
That’s nice.

Neebs’ Owner: (09:26)
I have another story about, uh, my cat Neebs. When I’m praying, he comes and attacks me. He jumps and he hits me. He doesn’t want me, uh, to finish my prayers when I’m praying, uh, sometimes he comes and stands in front of me and he lays down in front of me because he wants me to pet him and play with him.

Sarah: (09:49)
It’s as if you’re like praying to him. Haha.

Neebs’ Owner: (09:51)
Yeah. Or he, yeah, he just wants me to stop and play with him. He does funny poses on the rug because he wants me to play with him. And the first time he hit me, he hit me very hard. I was very surprised. Sometimes now he does it. Um, not a lot, but he still does it. He, he hits me and he attacks me when I’m praying.

Sarah: (10:11)
But is it like with his claw?

Neebs’ Owner: (10:14)
Yeah, one time. The first time he did with his claws.

Sarah: (10:16)
Oh, but now he just hits you?

Neebs’ Owner: (10:18)
Now he just hits me.

Sarah: (10:19)
And he runs away.

Neebs’ Owner: (10:20)
Yeah. But his claws are very long. Even if he doesn’t mean it, he scratches me sometimes.

Sarah: (10:24)
Oh yeah.

Neebs’ Owner: (10:25)

Sarah: (10:25)
That happens with cats.

Neebs’ Owner: (10:27)
I know, but I don’t like that.

Sarah: (10:29)
So what do you say about Neebs attacking you when you pray? You think he hates Muslims?

Neebs’ Owner: (10:33)
No, he doesn’t. You know, he, he likes a lot of attention and this, this time I can give him the attention. That’s why he wants me to play with him because, um, I just got home. I haven’t seen him all day and he hasn’t seen me. So he wants me to play with him, to rub his tummy, to scratch under his armpits. That’s why.


Neebs’ Owner: (10:54)
He wants attention.

Sarah: (10:55)
That’s a bad boy.

Neebs’ Owner: (10:57)
Yes he is.

Sarah: (10:57)
Neebs sounds very crazy.

Neebs’ Owner: (10:59)
He is, but he’s sweet.

Sarah: (11:01)

Neebs’ Owner: (11:01)
He’s a very sweet cat.

Sarah: (11:03)
What does he do to show his affection?

Neebs’ Owner: (11:05)
He rubs on me. He sits next to me. Um, he follows me around, uh, he, when sometimes he sits next to me and he smells me. I mean, this is it. And so, I mean, he, he gets excited when I comes home. I can tell from his face.

Sarah: (11:20)
mm-hmm .

Neebs’ Owner: (11:21)
This is it.

Sarah: (11:23)

Neebs’ Owner: (11:23)

Sarah: (11:23)
Anything else you wanna say about Neebs before we close out?

Neebs’ Owner: (11:26)
No. I wanna say that I’m happy I kept him. And, uh, all my thinking about super precision about black cats for me, I don’t think it’s real anymore because he’s a good cat. He’s not a bad, he’s not bad luck. And, um, I will encourage everybody to have a pet cat. They’re good company. And they’re very sweet.

Sarah: (11:50)
Thank you. Thanks for your time today.

Neebs’ Owner: (11:53)
Uh, you’re welcome. No problem.

Sarah: (11:55)

Neebs’ Owner: (11:57)
nice talking to you.

Sarah: (11:58)
Thank you. Thank you, cat lover for spending some time with us sharing about Neebs. He’s quite the character, and it’s wonderful that he changed your mindset about black cats. What a great first call for our podcast. Now onto our next segment of the personalities podcast. It’s called cat of the week. So this is gonna be made up out of submissions from you guys. It could be a meme, a joke, a profile of a cat you found online, something inspirational about a cat, whatever it is that you wanna share, you can email it to us at submissions@purrpodcast.com. That’s P-U-R-R podcast.com and we’ll put it on the show. So today I’d like to share a meme that I found on Instagram that I thought was hilarious and very relevant to our podcast. It is a picture of Ralph from the Simpsons being thrown through the window of the Simpsons house. And the text on the meme is, “My kidnappers returning me after listening to me talk about cats for two hours”. Absolutely relevant and hilarious. I’ll post it online for you all to see. So if you have any that you’d like to share, please send it our way.

Sarah: (13:27)
Thank you all again for listening. It’s our first episode, and I’m so glad that you were here to listen to it. Feel free to reach out to us via email hello@purrpodcast.com that’s P-U-R-R podcast.com. You could submit your cat of the week, meme, submissions, or profiles, YouTube channels, whatever it submissions@purrpodcast.com or you can reach out to us on Instagram at purrsonalitiespodcast, purr being spelled P U R R. And if you want to be on an episode, you can also email us at submissions@purrpodcast.com. Please subscribe to us wherever you’re listening and have a great day.