Purrsonality EPISODES


Purrsonalities first ever Trailer!

Hello and welcome to the Purrsonalities Trailer! We are so excited to release more episodes of genuine, authentic conversations about our beloved cats.

Episode 1

The Purrsonality of Neebs the Nibbler

Episode 1 Transcript

This short and sweet first episode of Purrsonalities introduces Neebs and his owner that has so much love to give. Neebs is a foster-fail black cat with a demand for attention, and he gets it! He even tries to make an appearance on the show. This episode also introduces a segment called Cat of the Week!

Episode 2

Ziggy and Cooper: Particle Physicists

Ziggy the tummy-rub-lover and Coop the Doop are 2 brothers with very different purrsonalities but make a great pair with a beautiful dynamic! Their owners tell us about their origin stories and how they managed to acquire the large hadron collider as a toy. 

Episode 3

From Philosopher to NCIS Agent: Gibbs

This third episode of Purrsonalities features Gibbs, a brown tabby cat with a king-of-the-hill purrsonality. Gibbs’ owner tells us about his rambunctious ways as he faces the paradox of being an indoor cat with an outdoor cat ego. His owner describes him as a set of contradictions.

Episode 4

“A Gutter Potato of a Cat”

In episode 4 of Purrsonalities we hear about Boofer, Curly, Slugger, Kiko, Bobbie, Twister, Suki, Louie, Gracie, Buddy, Nika, and Sam. That’s 11 cats! Brothers Mitch and Randy speak about all of their childhood cats and describe the “complex web of relationships” they had with each other.  

Episode 5

Simba says “Pants are Important”

In Purrsonalities Episode 5 we hear from Will. He doesn’t own a cat but he sure does live with one. He tells us about all the effort he’s put in to cultivate a loving relationship, but thinks maybe Simba isn’t a cat to be understood….or maybe he has a lot of depths that Will hasn’t seen yet. 

Episode 6

Molly and the Big Comfy Futon

The first Purrsonalities Episode of 2022! In Episode 6 we hear about Molly. Molly is a fluffy, longhaired, tabby cat with black, gray, and brown fur that greatly impacted our caller, Emily. She was Emily’s sassy childhood cat that she bonded with at a very young age. Molly’s relationship with different family members evolves over time until her passing. We also hear about Emily’s childhood dog, Trixie.

Episode 7

Enduring Love, Resiliency, and Digging

In Purrsonalities episode 7 we will hear from our caller, Souna. Souna tells us about the beautiful relationships he had with his two cats, Alex and Junior. It is a heartfelt and introspective on how our cats shape our view of the world and how we continue to carry their memories in our hearts. 

Episode 8

“The Deep Rich Color of a Pie”

In Purrsonalities Episode 8 we hear about a beautiful little black cat named Violet! She lives with her owner, Amanda. They have a very sweet relationship that is so full of love. Violet is 2 and a half years old but a kitten at heart. She’s joyful and drooly.

Episode 9

Pokemon Vs Trainer

In episode 9 of Purrsonalities we hear about Eevee and Ash! They have a wonderful owner named Alex that brought them together to be best friends. Alex describes the great care he takes for them so that his little Pokemon live a worry-free life with loads of toys, puzzles, and enrichment.

Episode 10

Sarah’s Catstravaganza!

This week we have something a little special, we finally sit down with the host herself and talk about her cats! Did you know, she started 2020 with only 1 cat and ended that year with 3 cats!? Talk about pandemic pets!

Episode 11

We all Got ‘Em: Poop Problems

Tanner is a big chonk senior cat turned to a calm yet adventurous lap boy. His owner Kelli dives into the deep details of his poop anxiety chronicles and how he has transformed. Everything really does come down to poo.

Episode 12

A Tale of Two Techy Tails

Disaster and Fiasco are 2 brothers living a high-tech lifestyle with their owner Sizzle! They are both unique, spoiled, and one of them even knows tricks! Which one and what kind of tricks? Listen to find out!

Episode 13

Cat Country Livin’

Petey chooses Beca (forever cat mom) and Rusty (former Dog dad) as his new family. Then Petey gets a sister named Luna! Listen as they share the story of their love-filled country-living cat family.

Episode 14

As Seen on TV: Nadja and Maebe

Nadja and Maebe are two cool cats named after tv characters. Can you guess which? Kris and Joyce tell us about how one cat turned into two and how they love each other despite their totally opposite personalities.

Episode 15

Power at the Lift of his Paw

Warren is a cat that does the most. Food taster, zoomie runner, baseball catcher, make up artist, and master thief. His owner Sarah tells us all about Warren’s personality, his cute quirks, and the love he has to give.

Episode 16

Is it a Bird? A Plane?
It’s a Cat on a Plane!

World Traveler Shasta is a gorgeous cat living the city life with her owner Claudia. She is the best companion to Claudia and their bond is very special. So special that they traveled across the country to be together again!

Episode 17

Billy Bittens

We bet you don’t like chicken and oil as much as Billy does. Caroline talks about her cat, Billy! A new addition to the family with a backstory and has brought so much excitement and love to them in only less than a year.